About Fursquare 2018

Information about Fursquare 2018

About Fursquare 2018

Oh! This is FurSquare's (an Anthropomorphic comic market event in Thailand) website. If you are instead looking for Fur Squared (a furry convention in Brookfield, Wisconsin), please visit fursquared.com

FurSquare is a Furry, Kemono and Anthropomorphic market event focused on privacy and friendly atmosphere. There will be no stage activity.

THIS IS A MARKET EVENT (e.g. Comic Market), NOT A CONVENTION (eg. ThaiTails Convention, Japan Meeting of Furries, Infurnity, Furs Upon Malaysia). WE DO NOT HAVE ANY ACTIVITIES ON-SITE.

FurSquare 2018 will be held on Saturday 8 September 2018 from 11:00 until 16:00 with admission fee of 60 Thai Baht.

Further information regarding circle registration can be found at Information for Circle's

Activity Plan
10:30 : Queuing starts
11:00 : Event begins
12:00 : Lounge opens
15:00 : Lounge closes and consignment goods sales ends
16:00 : Event ends

Note: FurSquare is a handmade goods market. We do NOT allow any photography in the event's premises. Further information can be found at Rules